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Monday May 01st, 2017


  The King Edward Hotel Ballroom With the constant talk of inflated markets, rising rents, and unbearable housing prices, it's hard to imagine that years' old venues are set to open their doors once again. On Wednesday, Toronto's first luxury hotel, known as the King Edward, opened it's doors to the public once more - and it is already booked through to 2018. Built over 100 years ago in 1903, and opening as a hotel in 1922, the large ballroom has held many... [read more]

Ontario Government Introduces Action Plan to Calm Toronto's Real Estate Market

Friday Apr 21st, 2017


The Ontario government introduced plans this morning in attempt to cool Ontario's rising real estate and rental market, in the attempt to make the housing market "fairer and more affordable." The measures are in response to the price of the average home in the Greater Toronto Area increasing 33% with the last year, as well as the exposure of landlords surprising tenants with exceptionally large rent increases.   The measures include:  A 15%... [read more]

Renting in Toronto - Deciding Whether or Not to Live with a Roommate

Friday Mar 10th, 2017


Looking at the housing market in Toronto can be stressful for a Millennial. The average cost to buy a home in the Toronto area rose to $730,000 in 2016 and continues to rise. This leaves a large percentage of the millennial population looking to lease over the coming years, rather than buy. Even leasing is a lucrative market in Toronto, with the average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment being around $1700.  It is easy to see why so many Millennial's are concerned about their housing... [read more]

Cadillac Fairview to Go Ahead with Building Project Despite Any Pre-Leasing

Wednesday Mar 08th, 2017


You would think with all the talk about accessible real estate in Toronto that a brand new development project in the downtown core would be highly sought-after and fill vacancies quickly. That said, a development project downtown by Cadillac Fairview has found itself in the position that it will be breaking ground without any pre-leasing. The 32-storey building will be located at 16 York St. and feature 879,000sqft of available space. Although the project remains fully vacant, Toronto... [read more]

Valentine's Day - Couples vs. Bachelor(ette)s on the Real Estate Market

Tuesday Feb 14th, 2017


Love is in the air as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears for everyone!   Many Canadians, both in a relationship and living the bachelor(ette) life, celebrate Valentine’s Day, and the message of love it promotes. As you can imagine, couples and bachelor(ette)s don’t typically celebrate in the same way; and just as with the real estate market, the experience for couples and bachelors can feel very different.   Since... [read more]

Brampton Home Sells for $200K Over Asking

Monday Feb 13th, 2017


  Well if 2017 is suggesting anything early on, it’s that Toronto housing prices are going to continue to rise. While this may be alarming to would-be homebuyers, it provides a real opportunity for investment and large returns year after year. Record-setting prices seem to be the new norm in the GTA, suggesting that now more than ever is the best time to actually buy a home in the GTA. A property located in Brampton was highlighted this weekend in the CBC for selling 200K... [read more]


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